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Bank of Victoria Ever stopped and wondered where it all went? Where the peace and serenity of our picturesque 19th century villages disappeared?

Our small National Trust town, set among the hills of North East Victoria, is everything you can imagine about an early pioneering village – this is where it all stops and our story begins.

is one of Australia’s prettiest villages. Nestled in the foothills of Stanley State Forest, we’re surrounded by lush, green vegetation and magnificent wildlife. We’re rich in heritage history and in natural resources (granite, gold, clay & sparkling spring water). It’s of little wonder the close knit community of Yackandandah is here to stay. It’s as strong today as it was in our early pioneering days.

The old diggers certainly found gold when they decided to build our town in this secluded and protected valley.

Today, Yackandandah is a thriving community, built upon the solid values and vision of our pioneers and miners. Yackandandah people are remarkable; their story has endured over the years because of the spirit of the town. It’s home to many talented artists and artisans from around the world and so is brimming with arts, crafts & antiques that will delight and surprise.

Yackandandah has earned an impressive reputation for its spectacular, not to be missed, annual festivals and events. Over thirty community groups exist here, from fishing to the arts.

It all begins with the descent from the surrounding tree covered hills of the Stanley State Forest, past the avenue of English trees, across the historic stone bridge with its sparkling you’ll find the township of Yackandandah.

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